Today we worked on:
Math - Comparing two numbers
Phonics - Long & short a
Reading - "Pig in a Wig"
                H.F. words & reviewed short a
Spelling - Reviewed short i words, took a practice test, found missing
              letters, and worked on rhyming
Writing - Reviewed the D'Nealian letters we have been working on so far
Grammar - Naming part of sentence, punctuation, capitalization, and 
                 complete sentences
Don't forget the Tiger Bash is tomorrow night!!!! 
Today we worked on:
Math - Test
Phonics - The lettter Ll and it's sound
Reading - "Pig in a Wig"
               Final x and H.F. words (and, take, up)
Grammar - Naming part of sentence
Spelling - Short i spelling words
Writing - D'Nealian s
Folk Dance/exercise, A.R., morning work, and word sort
We have a practice spelling test tomorrow!  Don't forget to study! We also have homework tonight.  Don't forget to get it completed, signed, and returned!!!!
The Tiger Bash is in a few short days! Hope to see you there!!!!
Today we worked on:
Math - Using objects to count
Phonics - Long and short Ii
Reading - Read "Pig in a Wig"
               Short i, comprehension-realism and fantasy
Spelling - Practice short i words
Grammar - Complete sentences, punctuation, capitalization
Writing - D'Nealian e
We started taking A.R. tests.  We worked on SRA.
Today we worked on:
Math - Spatial Patterns to 9
Phonics - The Letter Pp & reviewed short Oo
Reading - Test
Spelling - Test
Art - Sketched a bunny and worked on apples
We finished up our STAR testing today.  We got to go to the library today for the first time this year.  Mrs. Hamilton taught us how to take care of the books.  Then we got to check out two books each.  We got to top the day off with a cool treat!  We also learned a new folk dance called Limbo Rock. Have a great weekend! Hope everyone enjoys their free ticket to the rodeo!  See ya Monday!!!
Today we worked on:
Math - Spatial patterning for numbers to 9
Phonics - The letter Tt and it's sound
Spelling - Practiced our short a words
Reading - Reread our story, reviewed final consonants, research and   
               study skills - Parts of a book
Grammar - Complete sentences, capitalization, punctuation
Handwriting - D'Nealian g
We are still working on finishing up our S.T.A.R. and Literacy 1st testing.
Tomorrow we will take our first reading and phonics test for the year.  Don't forget to read your Decodable Reader #2 and have it signed! 
                                              See ya tomorrow! :0)
Today we worked on:
Math - Numbers 10, 11, and 12
Phonics - Long Oo
Spelling - Took practice spelling test #1
Reading - Reread "Sam, Come Back!"
               H.F. Words and initial consonants
Handwriting - D'Nealian o
Starting the S.T.A.R. test today and will continue working on it this week.  We are also doing our Literacy First testing this week.

                                                   See ya tomorrow! :0)

Today we worked on:
Math - Numbers 6-10, same and different, sorting by one attribute, 
          picture graphs, and bar graphs
Phonics - Short Oo and  reviewed Nn
Spelling - Practiced spelling our spelling words
Grammar - Complete sentences, capitalization, end marks, and writing
                 complete sentences
Handwriting - D'Nelian d
Reading - Reread "Sam, Come Back!"
               Final consonant digraph ck and high-frequency words
*Don't forget we have homework tonight.  The "Decodable Reader 1" needs to be signed by your parents after you read it to them.  Make sure to return your signed Dec. Reader, conduct slip, and agenda along with your homework in the morning.  Thank you so much!  See ya in the morning!                                    
                                            Mrs. Lanning
Today we worked on: 
Phonics- the letter Nn 
Math- Numbers 0-5 
Reading- Our story for this week is "Sam, Come Back!"
              Short a, comprehension, and character
Spelling- Short a words and rhyming
English- Capitalization
We also got our new agendas and conduct slips today! Remember to study your spelling words.  We have a practice test on Wednesday. If you make a 100 on Wednesday, you don't have to take the test on Friday!  Also don't forget to write down your min. you read or work on spelling tonight in your agenda and have a parent/guardian ititial it (and your conduct slip)!  Make sure you bring both your agenda and your conduct slip back tomorrow! See you then!!! :)
We had an awesome first three days of school!  I have the most amazing class this year.  I'm so excited about everything we are going to learn and accomplish this year.  We have had a chance to settle in, get to know each other, and start getting into a routine. We made some cool "All About Me" banners to hang in our room.  We have learned about bugs and insects some this week. We even got the chance to make and eat some dirt cups with worms! Yum Yum! Who knew dirt and worms could taste soooo good? We also learned to read words in the -at and -ad family.  We started learning how to write in D'Nelian.  We have been working on numbers 0-10, number words, color words, rhyming words, and much more. Monday we dive into all our subjects and really get to see what the day of a first grader is really like.  I can't wait!