We had an awesome first three days of school!  I have the most amazing class this year.  I'm so excited about everything we are going to learn and accomplish this year.  We have had a chance to settle in, get to know each other, and start getting into a routine. We made some cool "All About Me" banners to hang in our room.  We have learned about bugs and insects some this week. We even got the chance to make and eat some dirt cups with worms! Yum Yum! Who knew dirt and worms could taste soooo good? We also learned to read words in the -at and -ad family.  We started learning how to write in D'Nelian.  We have been working on numbers 0-10, number words, color words, rhyming words, and much more. Monday we dive into all our subjects and really get to see what the day of a first grader is really like.  I can't wait! 

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